Been There, Done That

Photo by Keith Allison

Photo by Keith Allison

Last season when the Washington Redskins fell to 3-6, head coach Mike Shannahan proclaimed that it may be time to look to next year.  That team went on to win the division after reeling off seven straight victories.  Well here we are, one year later, and the Redskins have a 3-6 record with seven games left to play.  Although they’ve accomplished it before, if I was a Vegas oddsmaker I wouldn’t bet on it a second time around.  But it’s certainly possible.

You have one of the most electrifying quarterbacks in the game who is finally showing what we became accustomed to last year.  RG3 coupled with Alfred Morris has proven to be one of the most dynamic backfield duos in recent memory.  And for the air attack, Pierre Garcon is healthy, but perhaps the biggest weapon in the Redskins passing game is rookie tight end Jordan Reed. This offense has the explosiveness neccesary to put up points any given week.

Where the biggest question mark is, as with any team in the NFC East, is the defense.  Thursday nights performance in the loss against the lowly Minnesota Vikings probably doesn’t instill much confidence for fans.  It makes for interesting outcomes, but this defense which has the talent must hold up enough for their offense to win games.  They can improve throughout the second half of this season and they’ll get a little help from the schedule. Only two of their games remaining are against teams with current winning records; one being a week 16 division showdown with Dallas.

Probability isn’t on the Redskins side at this point in the season so don’t bet your retirement money on them making the playoffs.  However, most of these players were in this situation last year and they know the type of resolve it takes to win out after a slow start.  As much as we want to look at the head coach for answers, they will live and die based on their QB.  RG3 loves to be the hero and he hasn’t been bad through nine games, but it’s time he makes the transformation from Clark Kent to Superman for the Redskins to reach their goals.